Module 1 – Accessing the Site

In this module we will cover:

  • Locating the user activation email
  • Opening the user activation email
  • Confirming your user account
  • Saving your username and generated password
  • Logging into the site
  • Viewing the site dashboard

Step 1: Locate User Activation Email

Once you are added to the system by a site administrator, the site will send you an automated user activation email. Search your email box for an email with the following:

Look for an email with subject line Kiwanis Sites

Step 2: Open User Activation Email

Now that you’ve located the email, open it and click the activation link to activate your account. If you cannot find the user activation email, check your SPAM folder and then contact your site administrator if you still cannot find the email.

Click the user activation link

Step 3: Copy & Save Username & Password

Once you click the user activation link in step 2, you will be sent to a activation confirmation page. The system will generate a secure password for you, which will be displayed on the confirmation page, along with your username. Please copy and paste your username and password and store them on your computer someplace safe.

Save your username and password somewhere safe on your computer

Step 4: Go to Login Page

After you’ve copied and saved your username and password to a safe place on your computer, click the Log in link.

Click the Log in link

Step 5: Log Into Site

After you’ve clicked the Log in link, enter your username and password into the login box. and click the Log In button

Tip: You can also use the email address that you gave to your site administrator as the username when logging in.

Tip: If your password does not work, click the “Lost your password?” link to reset your password. The site will send you an email to reset your password.

Click the Log In button

Step 6: View Your Site Dashboard

After you’ve clicked the Log In button, you will be taken to your site dashboard.


If you can see your site dashboard, you have successfully completed this module. Give yourself a pat on the back! Great work!