Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can we use our own domain name

A: The site comes with a domain but you can obtain your own domain name and create a domain forward if you wish. Info here.

Q: Can I manage members with the club site?

A: The club sites are public-facing websites intended to promote clubs to the community. All club business should be done through the Kiwanis reporting tools and soon, through the Kiwanis Engage platform

Q:  Is there a way to allow volunteers to sign up for events?

A: There is a forms engine that can be used for several scenarios including those that collect payment, sign-up information, contact information, etc.

Q: Can we add plug-ins to our site?

A: Due to security, compatibility and performance considerations, we are keeping the plug-ins to a minimum. If you have a need that requires a plug-in, we will always consider it.

Q: How can we get support and learn how to use the club sites?

A: Each district has at least one club site trainer that you should contact for anything related to the club site platform. We also created this website that has plenty of resources including a link to our YouTube channel.